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Holiday Parties

Looking for something different, fun and interactive that everyone can enjoy? Add trivia to your get together. The questions are tailored to the ages and interests of our audience.


Once the date and time has been agreed upon, the Trivia Host will work with the organizer to ensure  any special details or requests for the trivia.  The number of questions and timing can be discussed.  The Host will work with you to ensure a successful evening with family,  friends or colleagues. 

Services Provided by KwizKnow Trivia

  • Creative and unique questions that have been thoroughly researched for trivia games

  • 6-8 rounds of 10 questions including music and visual rounds

  • Microphone & sound system if required (for smaller venues)

  • Pens & pencils

  • Specifically designed answer sheets


Provided by the Private Event Organizer

  • Venue (house, hall, etc) 

  • Tables & Chairs 

  • Sound system & Microphone (for larger venues)

  • Prizes (optional)


Note : The Trivia events can be modified as needed.  They are unique and customizable

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