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Bars & Restaurants

Trivia nights are a fun, unique way to bring in clientele, even on the slowest of days. New and regular customers are entertained and in their seats longer with food and drink. Players will want to come back every week for more.

What happens at a Trivia Night?

Trivia nights are gatherings where friends, family, or coworkers form into teams and compete to answer questions and win points. These nights may have themes and prizes, food and drinks. The questions are usually interspersed with music or conversations with the crowd. The team with the highest number of correct answers at the end wins and often gets a prize, like a round of drinks at the bar, gift card or a small sum of cash.  Sometimes bragging rights are all that’s needed!  

*Saugeen Times article about Trivia Nights


Pre-registration is suggested as it helps with the planning by the Trivia Host and the venue.  


Registration can be taken over the phone, email or a booking system if you have one.  Teams are encouraged to contact you if they need to cancel.



A popular time to begin is 7:00/7:30 pm and the game will usually last around 2- 2  ½  hours with at least one short break. 



The fee is typically paid in cash by each team upon arrival. That money is used for the host fee, prizes and any other costs you may incur.


Note : The Trivia events can be modified as needed.  They are unique and customizable. 


Services Provided by KwizKnow Trivia

  • Creative and unique questions that have been thoroughly researched for trivia games

  • Microphone & sound system if required (for smaller venues)

  • Pens & pencils

  • Specifically designed answer sheets


Advertising and co-promotion by KWIZKNOW Trivia

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