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*The price depends on the day and time of the event, special requirements, necessary equipment

*Payment by cash or e-transfer

✓ Pre Event Consult
✓ Event Host
✓ Creative and unique questions that have been thoroughly researched for your event
✓ Two 60-minute games (4 rounds of 10 questions) or combined for 1 game (8 rounds of 10 questions)

✓ Specifically designed answer sheets, pens & pencils

✓ Microphone & sound system if required (for smaller venues)
✓ Social Media & Website advertising of your event
✓ Post-Event Recaps

*an extra charge may be applied for the following:

-weekend events

-travel costs if the event is not local ( 70 cents/km)

- photocopies other than the answer sheets (ie. picture rounds)




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